Wash & Care

Washing and Caring for Your Cleverly Products:

For Snacks and Gals:

Turn the bag inside out and either hand wash in cold or warm water with degreasing dish soap, or wash in the dishwasher on the top rack. Air dry. 


For items made from synthetic polyurethane leather:

Spot clean with damp cloth


For all other bags:

After a small mess occurs, first wipe the mess with a warm, water-only rag. If water is insufficient, add a tiny bit of degreasing dish soap to your rag, and gently scrub the area.  Rinse the dish soap with a warm, water-only rag. Air dry. 

When extreme messes occur, our bags are machine washable. First, make sure to place your Cleverly product by itself into a mesh laundry bag made for machine washing.  Wash your product on a delicate/gentle cycle with cold water.  When machine washing, we recommend a detergent that is free of optical brighteners (OBAs) and has the proper surfactants, enzymes, and water conditioners to clean any mess that could be on your bag. We highly recommend machine washing all of our products with a Shout Color Catcher in order to ensure no color bleeding occurs. Air dry. 

If machine washing your CleverlyPack, please make sure to wash the interior and exterior sections in separate loads, and cover all Velcro strips in order to prevent it from snagging the rest of the fabric. Do not machine wash the shelf.

If you need further wash and care help, please use our Contact Us page or email us at support@cleverlybags.com. We are happy to provide additional guidance and suggestions. We want your Cleverly products to last years and years, and using the best wash and care routines will help.