About Cleverly

Here at Cleverly, we are a company founded by moms who set out on a mission to help those around us. We are an innovative bag and family brand founded by moms who are dedicated to making your life easier through the creation of Cleverly designed products. 

Like our logo, the elephant, Shayla and I wanted our brand to represent loyalty and empathy shown towards others all while being clever through the creation of products that blend creativity, inspiration, and organization together. We are a brand devoted to bringing you the best of the best from diaper bags, to kid bags, to all the special things you need in your life.  

While our product mission is to create Cleverly designed products to make your lives easier, there is much more to our mission as a company. One of our core missions is to live a greener life while providing reusable and sustainable products to help others also live a more green life. Our most important mission is giving back. We are incredibly blessed to have been able to build Cleverly into the company it is. Through our blessings, we will bless others through donations to reputable and honorable charity organizations. Shayla and I have set out to build a company that gives us the ability to help make the world a better place. We will always strive to do our part to help those around us. 

The Cleverly team is continually working to improve and better ourselves as individuals and as a company. We are able to do this by being surrounded by an amazing customer base. We value you all and your thoughts. Please feel free to contact us at anytime. We’d love to hear from you! 

With Cleverly, life just got easier.